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Day 10- Prepping for the Next Leg

There are often transition days on trips- getting from one place to another or even in the case of a long trip like this one, prepping to get from one place to another.  The 10th day of our journey was such a day. And since it was overcast with light rain, it wasn’t a bad day to do it. We had planned that I would take clothes to be washed to the laundromat and Tom would go for a run and then try to fix the camper leg that was still broken.

I forgot to bring laundry bags on this trip (we don’t use them much at home), so I used a handful of those reusable grocery bags to pack up clothes, towels and other things that needed washing. We had brought more than a weeks worth of clothes because we weren’t sure when we’d do laundry, but we figured it would be good to get this out of the way and get some clean towels before the next section of our journey since we weren’t going to be staying in any one place for more than a night for at least another week.

Tom took off on his run and I got in the car headed to the laundry. Of course, when I got there I realized that I had forgotten the detergent and softener. And since we don’t use anything made by Proctor & Gamble (it’s both political and allergies) I couldn’t use anything for sale at the laundromat or the grocery. So I headed back to camp to pick up my Seventh Generation soaps and made a mental note to leave them in the car and not the camper. Once I got the laundry underway, I sat in the car and finished the book I was reading.

It was great to pull warm clean clothes from the dryers and pack them back into our duffels. It reminded me that one of the reasons I love owning a house so much is that we have our own eco-friendly washer and dryer that have never seen any chemical based products used in them and it’s no more trouble than running down to the basement to wash anything I want. Camping always reminds you of things that are easy to do at home and also easy to take for granted.

When I got back to camp, I found Tom wondering if I had gotten the text he had sent (I hadn’t). He had left the camper leg in the car and I took the car. He tried and tried to fix the stabilizing leg, but he couldn’t. In the end he decided it would be best to remove it and try to find an RV store to get a new one. We had to leave MDI to go to Home Depot to get the socket wrenches he needed to remove the leg.

We went down to Southeast Harbor and wandered a bit before grabbing some lunch. The day continued to rain on and off and we decided late in the day to try to get in a view of Sand Beach, which had been crowded all week. Nearing dusk it was nearly clear of people and the rain had stopped and we had a nice walk on the beach and took pictures and picked up rocks for our collection. A red squirrel chattered at me from some trees and I marveled at the red squirrels we often see on vacations. There was a huge eye on the beach made of shells and bits of dulse.

After we left Sand Beach, we stopped at Thunder Hole. It wasn’t thundering since the tide wasn’t in the right spot, but it was a beautiful place at dusk. We headed back into Bar Harbor after that and picked up some Thai food to eat back at camp.

Pics of today can be found here- http://bit.ly/cog6he

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