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Oh jeez.

What do you want to know about me?

I’m a forty-ish publishing professional who works in NYC and lives a green life in a little cottage located in a small hamlet nestled among the mountains of the Hudson Highlands close to  the Hudson River. I have a husband and a dog (well, a shih tzu, he hardly counts as a dog) and 5 cats (yes, I know- chuckle if you want, but I am not a crazy cat lady) and NO children. I actively pursue a sustainable lifestyle and a lot of technology. I don’t think that there is a problem with doing both.

What else? Hmmm, well I guess I’d say I’m busy. Or at least, that’s what other people usually say about me and I think they may be right. Mentally, physically, pretty everything in my life except social stuff could be described as busy.

This site is a bunch of random, miscellaneous stuff I write– about the wide variety of things I like, or I’m interested in, or that I want you to know about. And some stuff where I’m just venting. Everyone needs a little release now and then. And in August 2010, well, a lot of it was about my sabbatical from work. Because how many opportunities do you get to take 5 paid weeks off in a row? You gotta do something fun with that, right?

Now I’m back to balancing a wide variety of interests, a few health issues and a pretty great job. Ok, it’s stressful, yes. But it’s pretty amazing to be in the midst of publishing as everything about it is quickly changing in a way that has been pretty set since the time of Gutenberg.

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  john mccloy wrote @

When you get to Nova Scotia,try to find Lunenburg foundry and look at the “skippy” woodburning stove. It is designed for sailboats,but could be a cool (warm) addition to your house. -Remember-never be afraid to take the road less travelled,unless it is headed to Redbud.-Love,Mom and Dad Mccloy

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