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Favorite Everyday iPhone Apps

Yes, I’m a sucker for the new and shiny and I upgraded to an iPhone 4. Hey, I needed it. I needed the multi-tasking and the flash and the higher resolution camera.

Besides all the Apple apps, these are the apps I use every day:

Things– great little to do list that can be synced to your computer. I prefer ToDo on the iPad and this on the iPhone.

Facebook– it’s decent and it keeps me in touch.

SplashID– this is a fabulous way to keep all those passwords safe and synced.

Bejeweled 2– I love this game. I play it every day to keep my mind sharp.

Fling– This is another game I love for helping me to problem solve.

Toy Camera– I’m a junkie for taking weird pics with my phone and this app helps with that.

Hipstamatic– Once you buy a bunch of film and lenses and stuff this can get tricky, but I do love the pictures that come out.

Kindle– This lets me keep in sync with what I’m reading on my iPad and gives me a variety of things to read while waiting in lines. I’ve got lots of other book software on my phone, but this is the one I go back to.

Evernote– I rarely make notes on my phone these days, but this is a great tool for getting to the many notes I take on my MacBook Pro, iPad or PC.

Epicurious– I like this for being able to quickly grab a recipe when I’m out at a store.

NY Times– I gave up on the paper and read on my phone. I wish they’d give me more features, a great pad app and let me pay, but I’ve been waiting for that for awhile.

Zillow– I’m a bit of a real estate buff and I like this app for quickly identifying details about a house and an approximate worth.

I have hundreds of other apps and a lot more that I like and use once in a while, but these are my everyday go to apps.

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