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T Minus 19 Hours

By this time tomorrow, Tenz, Tom, me, Blubaru and the Silver Shadow should be in Falmouth- at Cape Cod. The big sabbatical adventure will be underway and we’ll be setup with the first of 12 campsites along our way.

There is one last big errand to run (Tom needs to pick up his new glasses in the morning) and still lots to get tucked away into the car and camper before we get on the road. Many things that should have gotten done before we left won’t be finished and that’s ok. We got done what we could and what was necessary (my new passport arrived!). Everything else can wait until we’re back.

It’s very surreal that this day is almost here. We’ve been talking about this for what seems like forever, but has actually only been a few months.

Well, back to that list of things that must get done before we go- tonight the miles to go before we sleep are only figurative ones, tomorrow they’ll be real.