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3G Arrives

There was a little less fanfare with the arrival of my 3G iPad than there was with the WIFI one. Instead of waiting in line on the day of release, I pre-ordered it- late-ish. So I waited. And waited. For it to come from China. And of course, though the shipping thing said it would be here tuesday, they tried to deliver monday and failed. So I came home last night to a new iPad.

I was excited to get it setup so I could handover the WIFI to TK. He finally figured out how an iPad might fit into his life. I thought it would be as easy as just, restore from a backup and go. No such luck.

It said it would take 14 minutes and then 27 minutes and then 16 minutes and then 24 minutes. I couldn’t decide. It ran for more than 3.5 hours before I just decided to go to bed. And I woke up early to discover that it really had yet to put anything on the Pad. Arggghh. And now, as I watch it move all my apps over, it appears that it did not maintain my painstaking adjustment of apps on screens. More hours to spend getting this one back to where the other one was before I wipe it and hand it over. This transition will not be easy.

I love ya, Apple. But this kind of thing tries my patience.

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